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Company Profile

M² Learning is an educational enrichment and tutoring centre located in downtown Montreal, in the vicinity of prestigious private and public schools in Quebec, Canada. Founded in 2017, our team of professionally trained teachers and tutors have helped hundreds of students succeed. Our teachers primarily come from Literature, Linguistics, History, Philosophy, Physics, and Law graduate-level teaching backgrounds.  Our students have successfully achieved provincial and even national recognization and received offers from prestigious universities in Canada. 

X² Consulting is the academic coaching arm of the M² learning family. Our services are designed to fit Quebec students’ specific needs in their academic careers, including CEGEP and undergraduate application coaching, interview coaching, and other academic and professional consulting services.  Starting 2020 Fall, X² Consulting has launched CEGEP-level tutoring services with a team of highly trusted and exceptional tutors.


Why Work with Us

1. Authoritative teachers: We have the most professional and authoritative guidance team of teachers from famous universities in North America, such as McGill, Stanford, U of T, etc.


2. Improve the system: We have a perfect teaching system to provide personalized teaching programs for students of different ages with different learning purposes. We help our students pass the gentle adaptation period, accelerate their integration into the local learning environment, and hit the top universities in North America.


3. Cooperation with famous universities: We maintained cooperation with many private and public high schools and universities for many years, helped many international students successfully apply for prestigious high schools and undergraduate programs, and made personalized study abroad programs for students.

Join Us Here

Address    (535-4060 Rue Sainte-Catherine O, Westmount, QC, H3Z 2Z3)

Email        (

Tel.            (514-451-6555)

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